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invite makers and builders to participate RSD360 which will have new need(s) on kinds of exterior design and products integration for Reflective Panoramic Surround telepresence businesses,

Integrate RSD360 viewdeck (please see "Product Manufacturers" Page) into your

FUN x DREAM x FREER Commercial or Social Solution Products !!!

RSD360 facilitate all kinds of Telepresence Businesses , including Eat, DRINK, WORK, OPERATE PROFESSIONAL CONSOLES while SAFE in Naked-eye Directional Panoramic Surround Immersion UX

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Reflective Surround Display 360 (RSD360)

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"360 Everywhere !!!" Campaign

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Naked-eye 360/FPV/VR/AR/MR/Telepresence

with RSD360 the "Complete 360-Degree Directional Surround technology"


Invitation to every VR/360/Animator/3D photography & videography/Drone/Robot professionals and participants to participate in RSD360 which can use your 360/Panorama/VR/MR/FPV/Telepresence content and/or benefit your applications with diverse advantages with naked-eye & directional panoramic surround 360/VR/AR/MR/FPV/Telepresence.

Your joining this campaign will be very precious to advancement of 360 technology together with it's profound benefits to people. Please spread this

"360 Everywhere !!!" Campaign @ INDIEGOGO

Pre-launch information and sign up page@

RSD360 brings us 360-Flight in 360 Video/Camera live (even for a stationary camera !)

Human can now enjoy 360 spaceship flying

in any beautiful scene on the Earth and even outer space,

using some RSD360 device

e.g. in the form of a Multi-purpose 180-degree VR & Telepresence Vehicle.

Multi-purpose VR & Telepresence Vehicle demo - The VR/MR travel UX is no limit with RSD360 panoramic surround VR & Telepresence. The example is an outer space 360 video from Let's enjoy going outer space !

Topview of the magnificent outer space 360 video showing on the RSD360 Single-User-180-degree Reflective Panoramic Surround is captured by an 360 Camera - Insta360 One and its Insta360 Studio.

(Above) 360-Flight in 360 Video/Camera - RSD360 Single-180 becomes a 180-degree surround cockpit and performs 360-flight in a WebGL videosphere of 360 video/live stream. The example is a futuristic city 360 video from (The original 360 CG video file's original camera viewpoint is, in fact, stationary).

Topview showing the 180-degree surround is recorded by Insta360 One and shown by Insta360 Studio.

RSD360 as natural 360 fisheye image display (which 'decode' fisheye image optically) and allow many innovative applications - Example showing viewpoint inside the earth through RSD360 Single-180, using a 'mirror flip' of an equirectangular projection map of the world as the source image of 360 fisheye transform.

Courtesy to the source map@

RSD360 3D Surround MR - Example showing virtual dancers pop out from a RSD360 Single-180-Small (a 49 inches unit), dancing and "floating in air" surrounding him in physical environment in the eyes of user wearing 3D glasses (simple anaglyph glasses in this example). The player can even 'photo' the virtual characters like what is done in the above example. Application developers can certainly integrate sensors for e.g. gesture control to allow the player interacting with the virtual characters.

RSD360 brings 3D panoramic surround FPV/VR/AR/MR/Telepresence to home and workplace.

RSD360 allows naked-eye immersive surround gaming experience to gamers - Little boy is fun playing his U-turn in futuristic racing game HexGL running on RSD360 Single-180-medium (a 65" unit)

While RSD360 opens a new platform for 360 video games developers to develop and innovate with 360 games, non-360 or "flat" video games can be easily transformed to 180-degree or any FOV (of inverted rainbow/fisheye format) for naked-eye immersive panoramic surround gaming experience to the players. (Content and applications providers and developers please also check Application Providers/Developers page)

Courtesy : Example is HexGL ( ) running on RSD360 Single-180

Thanks for nowadays 360 Camera technology , making the viewpoints and wide fov possible. The same scene is captured by Insta360 One (located at the black spot). Power of 360 technologies - showing different 360 perspectives and projections (Insta360 Studio).

(First) 3D-dancers CG demo on a RSD360 Single-180 , (Red-Cyan 3D glasses is needed) pop-out from the Single-180 , floating in air.

(Second) the 360 camera making this impossible becomes possible, showing the 180-degree viewdeck and the surrounding eight dancers.

First Exhibition (2018)

(first exhibition) - RSD360 Single-Small 180-Degree Edition demo at HKCCF 2018, demonstrated flat video or video game becomes PANORAMIC SURROUND ! The world has now 180-Degree (upto 360-Degree) PANORAMIC SURROUND gaming via RSD360 Reflective Panoramic Surround technology.

Universal Television news about RSD360 in HKCCF 2018

Demo Installation @ Mongkok Computer Center (MCC)